User Defaults

User Defaults can be set one of two ways and will depend on which you prefer to use.

To change defaults for your entire corporation, please refer to our Corporate Defaults document!

User Defaults

User Defaults are useful when you have multiple locations and each has its own Manager/Admin login. Instead of having to search for their specific location each time they use the system, their location(s) would be the only ones that they would have access to. This helps prevent extra clutter or mix-ups in the system. 
Administration-> Corporate Setup Manager-> Double arrows-> User Defaults
Select your Group or click +Add to create a new Group. When creating a new one, it will ask for a Code and a Description
Enter your Default Parameters for this Group
The most common ones are
FAC_CODE: Controls which facility they are tied to
FAC_SUPINV_CODE:  Controls which Supplier Inventory Code they are tied to
WAR_CODE: Controls which warehouse parts are pulled from 
For use with multiple locations. If you have any questions about Default Codes, please contact the CX team for further assistance
Enter in the Default Value (Location Code) and click Save/Exit
When the Parameters have been set as desired, add the Users to this group. The top left-hand corner will verify which group you are adding to; go through the list of available Users, ticking off the ones you would like to add. When you are ready, select Save/Exit
Users can only be assigned to one Default User Group at a time
Administration->User Accounts->User Manager-> Select User-> Regions/Repair Locations

Personal Level Defaults (Restricted Locations)

You can restrict your Users to specific locations at a personal level as well
*regions are not setup for everyone. Please use Repair Location*
If you know the name of the Location as entered in the system, you can type it into the search. Set the effective date and click Add
If you do not know the name of the location, select the Magnifying Glass to search
Without entering any information, click Search to populate a list of Active Repair Locations
Select the desired one. This will return you to the pop-up in order to enter your effective date
Select date and click Add. It will now show under their listed Repair Locations
If a User needs access to more than one location (even if there are Corporate or Group defaults set) add all the required locations they would need in this window. The system will show the location set as default in their Corporate or Group settings on sign-in, however, the user would be able to use a hyperlink or search (depending on the screen) to select of a different location instead.

If a Warehouse needs to be added to the Users restrictions

When adding a warehouse, type in the name of the warehouse and then hit Enter (or Tab) on your keyboard to have the warehouse populate. When it has, the name will be highlighted