VMRS Icon Manager: Create and Edit VMRS Repair Codes (Video)

Edit and add custom VMRS codes to the EMDECS system.

This document provides a walkthrough of how to edit and add custom VMRS codes to the EMDECS system. Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards, called VMRS for short, is an alphanumeric coding convention to standardize vehicle and shop information. EMDECS links all repair activities to system (SYS) and assembly (ASM) codes to identify repair activities. The system code covers the overall system, while the assembly code refers to an aspect of the system. For example, system code 043 designates any part of the exhaust system and assembly code 003 identifies a muffler is being repaired. VMRS coding ensures consistency in reporting, warranty claims, and tacking repair history and costs. 

Video Walkthrough

VMRS Icon Manager Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Access the VMRS Icon Manager

To manage your VMRS codes in EMDECS, open the Administration menu and select VMRS Icon Manager .

The VMRS Icon Manager screen lists all your existing VMRS system codes. EMDECS comes pre-loaded with industry standard VMRS codes. Each system code is listed in separate sections, along with the description of the different assembly codes under each system code.

To edit or add to existing codes, click on the description. 

A pop-up window displays the system code and report group. Changes to existing codes or descriptions can be made by directly editing the values in the fields. System and assembly codes can be one to three characters in length, and allow both letters and number. By default, EMDECS will warn you that a re-work is detected if the same job is repeated within 30 days (based on reusing the same VMRS repair code for a repair on the same unit). You can manually override this default by entering a value in rework tolerance days.

To add a new assembly code, click Add then enter the assembly code and description for the new repair activity.

System and assembly codes can be made inactive by unchecking the active check boxes, but it is not possible to delete codes after clicking OK to save changes.   Codes cannot be deleted in case there is linked repair history.

To add a new system code group, click the Add button at the top of the main VMRS Icon Manager screen.

This opens the same window we saw before when modifying existing codes. The System and Report Group fields are required to save a new system code, and again assembly codes can be added in the bottom pane.

Click OK at the bottom to save the new codes.

Change VMRS Icons

The icons representing system groups can be changed for another icon from the Icon Library on the right-hand side. To change an icon, click and hold your left mouse button to drag and drop your preferred icon on top of the icon you want to replace.

Pictured below is the new icon that was dragged and dropped: